Wing Nats

August 23-27, 2023

Mid-America Raceway

70 West Dundee Rd.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Owner: Roger Schmitt


Track: Czech Pilsen Track


August 23 – Grp F

August 24 – OMB / HBB

August 25 – C12 / 27L

August 26 – 2MO

August 27 – G7

USRA Nats Time Line

8AM – Raceway Will Open

8-10AM – Open Practice

10AM – Tracking Power Turned Off

10AM – Tech Opens

10:30AM – Tech Closes

10:45AM – Qualifying Will Begin

Time Line Details

Following the conclusion of the first class, the track will be open for a period of 2 hours. Only the racers participating in the next race will be permitted on the track – the only class of cars permitted on the track will be cars for the next class.

Tech will be open for 30 minutes after the track power goes off.

Qualifying will begin promptly after the conclusion of tech.

At the conclusion of the last race, there will be a 2-hour open practice on the track. This 2-hour practice session will not go past 10:00 PM.

The raceway will close no later than 10:15 PM.

Please note that any cars that do not pass tech at the conclusion of tech will be given 5 additional minutes to work on their cars. These cars will remain on the tech table and will be released to the racers at the same time. Drivers must fix their cars and bring them back to the tech table and pass thru tech prior to the conclusion of the 5-minute period. Every effort will be made to be sure a tech official is available.

The Track